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About GreetingSpring

Welcome to! We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. Greeting Spring is owned and operated by a fun group of artists and our families. We are located in sunny South Dakota, USA, and we do love what we do.

Originally called JupiterGreetings, we began building ecards as a part of Animation Factory in 2006. With changes at Animation Factory, we were afforded the opportunity to focus our talents exclusively on JupiterGreetings.

We officially launched GreetingSpring in June of 2009, now owned and operated by us, the artists who create the ecards, screensavers and animations. It is our goal to create a family friendly service full of fun birthday ecards and holiday greetings. We want GreetingSpring free of advertising, gimmicks, spyware, spam, and unwanted solicitations that are so prevalent at other greeting card sites. We hope that you find our ecards entertaining and useful. We also hope that you might consider supporting GreetingSpring by becoming a member.

We promise to continue to produce new ecards, screensavers and animations, and we promise to keep the cost of our service low and the quality high.

All of us consider it a blessing to be able to come to work to do what we love, and we deeply thank all of our members who make it possible for us to operate GreetingSpring.

Enjoy your visit!

Art, Jim, Josh, Judd and Michele
GreetingSpring Owners and Artists

Meet the GreetingSpring People

Spring Trainer
Artist and Marketing

I'm proud to be working with such a great bunch of people at GreetingSpring. I've been involved in animation since 1990, and I had the pleasure of building one of the greatest Internet animation websites, Animation Factory. I managed and created animations for Animation Factory for 13 years. I'm now excited to be working full time at GreetingSpring.

My wife and 2 children are the bright stars in my life. It's amazing the ecard ideas that can come from just raising children. You'll even hear my kids lending their voice to a few ecards here at GreetingSpring. During what little free time I have, I enjoy geocaching and camping with my family, playing guitar in a worship team and leading the youth group at my local church.

Spring Cleaner
Artist and Animator

Creating animations and graphics has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. From doodling on the walls in my parents' house, graduating with a Graphic Arts degree in 1997, to creating animations for Animation Factory for eight years, I've always enjoyed being creative. Owning GreetingSpring and working with my fellow partners is certainly a dream come true.

I've recently abandoned my bachelor ways, and married the love of my life. Our one "child", Bo our dog, keeps us busy. In addition to my work at GreetingSpring, I enjoy being active playing basketball, spending time at the gym, and on the links. I also enjoy giving back to my community through my church and service organizations.

Spring Roll
Artist and Programmer

Computer geek here - I have been into computers since the early days of the Commodore Pet! My first machine was the Atari 400, and then I made the leap to the Amiga (still have 8 of these champs at home).

I'm one of the co-founders of Animation Factory. I am now full time at, doing a lot of the site programming, sound for many of the ecards, and I take care of all the machinery around here.

I'm married and have one daughter, who can effectively destroy me most of the time at Mario Kart Wii. We have a yellow lab 'Bootsy', named after the legandary performer Bootsy Collins. We enjoy movies, biking, walks, fishing, and vacationing especially!


Springer Spaniel
Artist and Animator

Create, Create, Create, Sleep.... that's pretty much how my brain is wired. In search for my dream job I have found that crunching numbers about makes my head explode, organizing drives me pretty much bonkers and waking up before 7:00am leaves me in walking state of unconsciousness. So I say to that....left brain step aside because right brain is off to work. That's why I love working at GreetingSpring; It allows me to pull that plug and let my creative juices flow out.

My hard work to obtain my Animation Degree in 2003 has catapulted me through some great jobs where I gained valuable experience, and now I have landed in the midst of a wonderful group of people to work with here at GreetingSpring.

I have a great family, girlfriend and the laziest dog I have ever seen. I enjoy being outdoors very much when it's not winter, and I also love playing music in my church’s worship band.

Spring Chicken
Voice Talent and Office Guru

One day I'm paying bills and the next day I'm being asked to be the sexy voice of Marilyn Monroe on a birthday ecard. I never know what my time at GreetingSpring will hold. Being the office manager, I certainly get to enjoy a very fun atmosphere to work in. Chances are it's my voice you'll get when calling us. If you call, just don't ask me to sound like Marilyn, how embarrassing!

Working with my husband is a blessing, but the true blessing is raising a family together. We have two wonderful children, a little girl and boy. They do keep me busy. I enjoy volunteering at my church and my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, watching a good movie, spending time outside, and catching the occasional Chicago Cubs baseball game.

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