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Father's Day

Father's Day What A Raisin! Ecard

What A Raisin!

In this funny 3D animated Fathers Day card, a raisin runs out from behind a raisin box, comes to a skidding stop and then proceeds to sing a groovin song. A raisin sings dad a little song while busting a move.

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Father's Day Teddybear Daddy Ecard

Teddybear Daddy

In this sweet 3D animated Fathers Day ecard, a pink daughter teddybear asks her brown Daddy teddybear if God chose him to be her Daddy.

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Father's Day Father's Day Math Ecard

Father's Day Math

This 3D animated Fathers Day ecard contains a simple math equation. TV remote plus beer plus recliner equals relaxation. Happy Fathers Day.

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Father's Day God Created Golf Ecard

God Created Golf

In this funny 3D animated birthday or Fathers Day greeting, God created golf on the 8th day. On the 9th day, man played golf and invented swearing. For some reason he continues to play the game. Wishing you the best on your special day.

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Father's Day Cover all the Bases Ecard

Cover all the Bases

In this funny Fathers Day greeting, a son makes sure that his father is well taken care of. His gifts include a boat, jetski, a grill, and golf clubs. At the end the son realizes that he almost forgot something, his dads throne.

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Father's Day Cool Dad Ecard

Cool Dad

In this fun 3D animated Fathers Day ecard, a cool guy on a motorcycle cruises the suburban streets waving to a Dad on a lawnmower. Even if Dads Harley is really only a lawnmower, hes still the coolest dad.

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Father's Day Father's Day Dream Ecard

Father's Day Dream

In this 3D animated Fathers Day e-card, Dad naps and dreams of helping his boy learn to ride his bike, playing horsey, changing diapers, and playing baseball.

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Father's Day My Hero Ecard

My Hero

Send Dad this uplifting 3D animated Fathers Day ecard. We see pictures of fathers portrayed as the protector, teacher, provider, and hero.

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