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Friendship Ahoy Me Mateys!!! Ecard

Ahoy Me Mateys!!!

Lets Talk Like a Pirate! In this fun ecard two co-workers are goofing off by singing a pirate song, but are soon discovered by there boss. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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Friendship Your Little Love Bug Ecard

Your Little Love Bug

In this cute love ecard, an adorable lady bug lands and a sign pops up saying: Youre the Absolute Best from Your Little Love Bug. This card could be used for Valentines Day, and anniversary or anytime you want to send a little love to someone special.

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Friendship Crazy Mad Cow Ecard

Crazy Mad Cow

A happy cow dances and bounces around the farm in this fun 3D animated love or Valentines Day e-card. The text reads, Some people think Ive gone completely mad, but Im just crazy about you!

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Friendship BEE-n There Ecard

BEE-n There

We love puns! Send some fun PUNishment to your friends with cute friendship ecard. Im so Glad were friends says the cute little bee.

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Friendship We Come in Peace! Ecard

We Come in Peace!

Aliens have invaded! Its a good thing they come in peace. Unfortunately the aliens are in for a rude awakening in this fun card. Share a laugh with your friends.

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Friendship Confucius Friendship Ecard

Confucius Friendship

Confucius shares his wisdom in this funny 3D animated friendship ecard. Confucius say friendship is like everything from a smelly gym sock to fiber to gas to a bra.

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Friendship Under Magnifying Glass Ecard

Under Magnifying Glass

Do you ever feel like youre under the magnifying glass? The red ant in this humorous and uplifting 3D animated ecard certainly knows the feeling. But you always come out shining.

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Friendship Dog Pound Ecard

Dog Pound

A lonely dog at the pound watches as people walk by his cage. Just when he thinks its hopeless, a mother and daughter adopt him. The closing on this warm and fuzzy 3D animated ecard is Everyone needs to be loved!

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Friendship Walk 1000 Miles Ecard

Walk 1000 Miles

A teddy bear with a backpack is hiking through a desert scene with a lizard and cactus in this romantic 3D animated e-card. The text is, I would walk a 1,000 miles for you.

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