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Valentine Ecards

Valentine Ecards Types of Love Ecard

Types of Love

This cute 3D animated Valentines Day ecard introduces us to the five types of barnyard love: first love, true love, puppy love, jungle love, and the forbidden love. Have a Happy Valentines Day and stay clear of that farmer.

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Valentine Ecards Morning Surprise Ecard

Morning Surprise

In this funny 3D animated Valentines Day ecard, we follow the romance of a rooster and his chicken. He surprises her with flowers, dinner, and a horse ride back to her place. Plus a big surprise in the morning.

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Valentine Ecards Cupid Sharpshooter Ecard

Cupid Sharpshooter

Cupid readies his bow and arrow and calls pull. The target is released. Cupid hits his mark and hearts fill the sky as the man is now head over heels in love. Watch out for cupid in this 3D animated Valentines ecard.

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Valentine Ecards Song of Solomon Ecard

Song of Solomon

Images of a beautiful red rose, a tender kiss, and a glass of wine appear with text from Song of Solomon in this romantic Valentines Day 3D animated ecard.

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Valentine Ecards Chest Hair Love Ecard

Chest Hair Love

In this funny 3D animated Valnetines ecard, a man endures a painful chest hair waxing that leaves him with a heart shape. The closing line is I love you so much it hurts.

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Valentine Ecards Sweetheart Ecard


This 3D animated romantic Valentines ecard has the nostalgic look of an old filmstrip. The yellow smiley emoticons enjoy an old-fashioned love as they share a porch swing, boat ride, dinner, and a walk on the beach.

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Valentine Ecards Camel Mirage Ecard

Camel Mirage

In this 3D animated fun Valentines egreeting, a camel in a desert scene believes you must be a mirage because you are so ravishing.

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Valentine Ecards Wack-a-Cupid Ecard


This is the perfect anti-Valentines Day egreeting. If youve been unlucky in love, you can take out your frustrations on cupid. Throw as many punches as you can in 20 seconds as cupid taunts you.

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Valentine Ecards Dastardly Love Ecard

Dastardly Love

This 3D animated Valentines Day ecard is in the spirit of the great black and white melodrama. We have our dastardly villain putting the damsel in distress on the train tracks. Can love save her?

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