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Thanksgiving Ecards

Thanksgiving Ecards Father and Son Turkey Ecard

Father and Son Turkey

A father turkey talks with his son about the upcoming Thanksgiving day dinner. The father is excited because the farmer has invited them for dinner. The son turkey suspects something is up in this funny Thanksgiving card.

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Thanksgiving Ecards Buff Bluff Ecard

Buff Bluff

In this 3D animated humorous ecard, the farmer is looking for the perfect turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner. One is too skinny; one is too dirty; and one is too wired. But one turkey is just right...

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Thanksgiving Ecards Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Ecard

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

In this fun 3D animated thanksgiving e-card, a turkey runs back and fourth off the screen and finally pops up in front of the camera with a happy Thanksgiving sign.

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Thanksgiving Ecards Oh da Turkey Day Ecard

Oh da Turkey Day

The singing emoticons return in this funny Thanksgiving ecard. Oh Da Turkey Day follows the pilgrims in their quest for a Thanksgiving turkey. The turkey tries not to lose his head and has nightmares of being stuffed with sage and bread.

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Thanksgiving Ecards Tag Team Turkey Ecard

Tag Team Turkey

In this 3D animated Thanksgiving ecard, a cute pug and cat conspire to get the Thanksgiving turkey. Keep your eyes on your turkey!

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Thanksgiving Ecards Be Thankful Ecard

Be Thankful

You can be thankful youre not a turkey with this funny 3D animated Thanksgiving egreeting. The turkeys blissful lives are interrupted by the realization of where Thanksgiving dinners come from.

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Thanksgiving Ecards Turkey Disguise Ecard

Turkey Disguise

In this cute 3D animated Thanksgiving egreeting, the farmer sticks his axe in the tree stump and points at the turkey. Quickly the turkey makes a phone call and 3-4 business days later his cow costume arrives.

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Thanksgiving Ecards Turkey Training Ecard

Turkey Training

Welcome to the Anti-Thanksgiving Turkey Training Camp. In this funny 3D animated holiday ecard, the turkeys are running on treadmills trying to avoid being the fat turkey who ends up on the dinner table. One turkey works out a little too much...

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Thanksgiving Ecards King of the World Ecard

King of the World

Did you ever wonder how the pilgrims decided to land at Plymouth Rock? Watch the voyage of the Mayflower ship in this funny 3D animated Thanksgiving e-card. Im king of the world!

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