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GreetingSpring - Funny Birthday Ecards and 3D Animated Holiday Greeting Cards
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Halloween Pumpkin Cannibals Ecard

Pumpkin Cannibals

A group of pumpkins mourn the passing of one of their friends. But one pumpkin hasnt gotten the memo in this funny animated Halloween ecard.

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Halloween Transylvania Teddy Ecard

Transylvania Teddy

Its a dark and spooky night. Bats fly in front of a full moon, and a castle sits in the background. What creature awaits you in the dark dungeon of this 3D animated Halloween ecard.

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Halloween Love at First Bite! Ecard

Love at First Bite!

In this fun 3D animated Halloween ecard a vampire love bug gives out a big bite of love.

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Halloween Bathroom Hauntings Ecard

Bathroom Hauntings

In this funny 3D animated Halloween ecard, Dracula realizes (horror of horrors) that he is out of toilet paper while in a public restroom. Luckily he sees some toilet paper peeking out from under the stall next door...

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Halloween Oh the Candy Ecard

Oh the Candy

The singing emoticons are back in this musical 3D animated Halloween ecard. Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Dracula trick or treat from house to house eating too much candy on Halloween.

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Halloween Halloween Ghost Ecard

Halloween Ghost

In this eerie 3D animated holiday greeting, a black cat slinks across the porch and a moaning ghost jumps out from a glowing pumpkin wishing you a Happy Halloween.

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Halloween Pool Party Ecard

Pool Party

Did you ever wonder why witches dont have pool parties? Dancing skeletons surround the swimming pool in this funny 3D animated Halloween e-card. A witch yells cannonball as she jumps off the diving board...

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Halloween Halloween Party Ecard

Halloween Party

A dark and stormy night is the setting for this fun 3D animated Halloween egreeting. Our bespectacled mad scientist begs for his new creation to live. The word Party comes alive and dances. Great for Halloween party invitations.

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Halloween Pumpkin Surprise Ecard

Pumpkin Surprise

A surprise is lurking inside a big orange pumpkin, and when you click on the pumpkin a black cat jumps out wishing you a terroriffic Halloween.

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