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GreetingSpring - Funny Birthday Ecards and 3D Animated Holiday Greeting Cards
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Birthday Ecards

Birthday Ecards Caveman Band  Ecard

Caveman Band

In this funny birthday ecard, a group of cavemen form a band and perform their version of Ode to Joy. The e-card comes to an end when the guitar player gets clubbed over the head. The final greeting reads, Have a Rockin Birthday

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Birthday Ecards Elegant Monkey Ecard

Elegant Monkey

For the person in your life who is elegant and dignified, only this 3D animated birthday card of a monkey scratching and sniffing himself will do.

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Birthday Ecards 29th Birthday Again Ecard

29th Birthday Again

Funky dance music plays on the stereo in this 3D animated ecard as a woman is getting dressed up for her birthday party. Its her 29th birthday....again. Watch out for that hip!

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Birthday Ecards You're Getting Old Ecard

You're Getting Old

In this humorous 3D animated birthday e-card, the emoticons sing about getting old. Images of one foot in the grave, an oxygen tank blowing up a birthday cake, and an unpleasant doctors visit make for a great greeting.

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Birthday Ecards Birthday Blast Ecard

Birthday Blast

In this 3D animated humorous birthday e-card, a lady is excited about her birthday cake with all of the pretty purple candles. Too bad it blows up in her face. Guess there were a few too many candles.

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Birthday Ecards Over the Hill Ecard

Over the Hill

A man is climbing a hill in this funny over-the-hill 3D animated birthday ecard. At the top of the hill, he looks back on his younger friends with their sports cars and motorcycles. As he peers over the edge of the hill, the old folks beckon to him to join them.

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Birthday Ecards Miss Marilyn Ecard

Miss Marilyn

A sexy Marilyn Monroe lounge singer sitting on a piano wishes you a happy birthday in this musical ecard.

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Birthday Ecards God Created Golf Ecard

God Created Golf

In this funny 3D animated birthday or Fathers Day greeting, God created golf on the 8th day. On the 9th day, man played golf and invented swearing. For some reason he continues to play the game. Wishing you the best on your special day.

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Birthday Ecards Birthday Monkeys Ecard

Birthday Monkeys

In this 3D animated birthday e-card, the sender wants to shower the recipient with presents, piles of cash, and maybe even send them to Hawaii on vacation. Alas, all he or she can afford is monkeys and music in this funny ecard.

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