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GreetingSpring - Funny Birthday Ecards and 3D Animated Holiday Greeting Cards
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Funny Ecards

Funny Ecards Facilitator 4000 Ecard

Facilitator 4000

In this funny work-related 3D animated ecard, we are introduced to the high-tech Facilitator 4000, a new way to communicate with upper management. You may select time off, a raise, or a promotion. Have a great day.

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Funny Ecards Cake Surprise! A Funny Birthday Ecard Ecard

Cake Surprise! A Funny Birthday Ecard

A large and hairy man bursts out of a birthday cake in this funny animated birthday ecard. He continues to do a fantastic funky dance. Hope your birthday is full of surprises.

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Funny Ecards Confucius Friendship Ecard

Confucius Friendship

Confucius shares his wisdom in this funny 3D animated friendship ecard. Confucius say friendship is like everything from a smelly gym sock to fiber to gas to a bra.

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Funny Ecards We Come in Peace! Ecard

We Come in Peace!

Aliens have invaded! Its a good thing they come in peace. Unfortunately the aliens are in for a rude awakening in this fun card. Share a laugh with your friends.

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Funny Ecards Quack Me Up Ecard

Quack Me Up

In this funny 3D animated e-card, a duck hatches from an egg and shakes his tail feathers. The text reads, You quack me up!

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Funny Ecards Back To School Ecard

Back To School

In this funny 3D animated ecard, mom and dad wave to their kids as they head back to school on the bus. Then the real fun begins. The parents have a secret dance party complete with hidden speakers, disco ball, and floor.

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Funny Ecards Turtle Determination Ecard

Turtle Determination

In this humorous 3D animated ecard, we explore the fable of the tortoise and the hare from another angle. Do diligence, determination, perseverance, and dedication really pay off, or is laziness the way to go?

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Funny Ecards Great Time Ecard

Great Time

Two hangover remedy tablets dissolve in water as the text Thanks! I had a great time, lets do it again appear in this 3D animated thank you card.

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Funny Ecards My Best Friend Ecard

My Best Friend

The woman in this 3D animated friendship ecard may not be the best dancer, best cook, or best fix-it-upper, but she is a best friend.

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