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GreetingSpring - Funny Birthday Ecards and 3D Animated Holiday Greeting Cards
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Friendship Quack Me Up Ecard

Quack Me Up

In this funny 3D animated e-card, a duck hatches from an egg and shakes his tail feathers. The text reads, You quack me up!

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Friendship Need a Smile Ecard

Need a Smile

Yellow smiley faces multiply to cheer up a friend in this cute 3D animated e-card. Come on, get happy!

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Friendship Meadow Beauty Ecard

Meadow Beauty

A house, white picket fence, clouds, and flowers pop up in this sweet 3D animated friendship ecard. My life would not be the same without you.

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Friendship Need A Break Ecard

Need A Break

In this printable greeting, a mother is surrounded by her noisy, demanding children. It looks like she needs a break. Customize this card with your own pictures.

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Friendship friends & Chocolate Ecard

friends & Chocolate

In this 3D animated friendship ecard, a picture of two childhood friends fades in. The message is, Friends and chocolate brighten up any day. Thinking of you, clouds melt away.

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Friendship Bailing water Ecard

Bailing water

A man is bailing water from his sinking row boat in this uplifting 3D animated e-card. As he makes it to shore safely, the text but you always pull through appears.

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Friendship Life's Ups and Downs Ecard

Life's Ups and Downs

On the opening scene of this 3D animated friendship ecard, we see a womans head in the clouds. As the scene unfolds, we see the woman and her friend on a seesaw at the park. The ups and downs of life are easier with you as my friend.

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Friendship Friendship Lighthouse Ecard

Friendship Lighthouse

A lighthouse beacon shines over an ocean scene in this 3D animated friendship e-card. Friendship inspires and comforts.

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Friendship Walk beside me Ecard

Walk beside me

A beautiful sunrise over the ocean provides the backdrop for the 3D animated friendship e-card. A poem by Albert Camus declares your friendship.

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