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GreetingSpring - Funny Birthday Ecards and 3D Animated Holiday Greeting Cards
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Valentine Ecards

Valentine Ecards Bunny Magician Ecard

Bunny Magician

In this cute 3D animated Valentines ecard, a bunny magician pulls a heart out of a hat. The closing line is Its magic when Im with you!

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Valentine Ecards Chipmunk Valentine Ecard

Chipmunk Valentine

A cute giggling chipmunk is hit on the head by falling acorns as she declares Im nuts for you in this adorable 3D animated Valentines e-card.

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Valentine Ecards Prisoner of Love Ecard

Prisoner of Love

A prison inmate wonders who gave him a valentine in this funny 3D animated holiday ecard. Maybe his cell mate knows. Have a safe Valentines Day.

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Valentine Ecards Candlelight Love Ecard

Candlelight Love

In this romantic 3D animated Valentines Day ecard, a red rose and a flickering red candle provide the background as the text reads, I pray our flame never burns low.

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Valentine Ecards Love Bear Ecard

Love Bear

An adorable bear sends a special delivery of a heart full of love in this romantic 3D animated e-card.

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Valentine Ecards Turn Me On Ecard

Turn Me On

This 3D animated Valentines Day ecard opens with the camera panning up a pair of shapely legs. When we reach the top, the message, Click to see it all! appears. When you click, youll see a lamp with legs. The tagline is You turn me on.

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Valentine Ecards To My Sweety Ecard

To My Sweety

Romantic images of a cuddling couple, chocolates, roses, and a walk along a sunset beach culminate with I love you written in the sand in this 3D animated Valentines Day e-card.

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Valentine Ecards Hearts Ecard


Declare your love this Valentines Day with this pretty, romantic 3D animated e-card. Hearts swirl on a red background.

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Valentine Ecards Romantics Ecard


Share your pictures with this romantic 3D animated photo greeting with hearts on a red background. Perfect for Valentines Day photos too.

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