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New Animation Tool Coming Soon


Here is a sneak peak at the new GreetingSpring Animated Clipart section. You’ll be able to completely customize the size, background color, darkness of the drop shadow, and background transparency of our animations.

It’s proving to be a powerful new animation engine for GreetingSpring and we hope to have it available to our members yet this month.

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2 Responses to “New Animation Tool Coming Soon”

  1. Jeanette says:

    The animated clipart is wonderful and I have folks who rave about it all the time and ask how they can get it. I steer folks to this site all the time. I did want to ask why For Members Only are put over many of the cuter clipart? It is hard to see the clipart and I have stopped using them as much. Could it be a bit smaller or under the clipart instead of so dominant? Just wondering.

    The ghekko clipart has all my friends falling out laughing and I use them all the time…..:-)

    I was meaning to ask if there will be other clipart for other races? I love the friends one with the two girls putting together a heart. Will there be one with a boy and a girl one as I have guy friends or African American ones and different ethnic groups?

    Your work is wonderful and it is almost shocking to me how low your subscription rate is. You all are worth much more than you are charging. Fabulous work by all.

    • Art Holden says:

      Hi Jeanette, thank you for the nice words. If you are seeing “For Members Only” on the clipart, it mean that you are not currently signed in to GreetingSpring. As a member, that text will no longer appear on the animations. All the best,


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