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Archive for June, 2009

We Love Animations

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Over the years we’ve created thousands of animated graphics for other clipart and animation services. It sure is exciting for us to be creating animations now exclusively for GreetingSpring. We added our first batch today.

We love creating animations based on suggestions from our members, so just leave us a comment and we’ll let you know if its something we can make. Enjoy!

Art H.

Here are some examples:

Gecko Basketball

Gecko Basketball

Happy Summer Sun

Summer Sun

Animated USA Flag

USA Flag

More fun from the audio booth

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Judd is the one to get in front of the microphone (and the camera) this time, creating the music for our new ecard.
Yo Yo Yo - it’s Judd the Rapper!

Here’s the final result.

In addition to the voice and music, Judd did all the animation on this one as well. Great Job Judd! Let us know if you like it.

Caveman Band Funny Ecard

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Judd and I had a blast making the music for this one. I was a bit miffed that Jarl posted the video of me recording, but at least the ecard turned out ok. Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for ecards.


Creating a new ecard

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Art has to put all bashfulness and self respect aside when laying down the audio for our latest “Caveman Band” ecard.

A Birth Announcement

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

We just wanted to announce that GreetingSpring was born Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 at 4.12 PM.

The bundle of joy is over 1200 pixels wide and almost 1700 pixels tall.
Proud parents are Art, Jarl, Jim, Josh, Judd and Michele.

Formerly known as JupiterGreetings, GreetingSpring is now owned by us, the artists. This is now our full time job, we’re a little scared, but most mostly we’re excited to be doing what we love. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.


Shortly after the birth we signed our first new GreetingSpring member- a nice lady from Massachusetts. We want to thank our new members for joining and all of our loyal JupiterGreetings members for sticking with us. We will continue to work hard to provide great animations and greeting cards at a great price!